Ertech/Rio Tinto Iron Ore
Marandoo Mine Phase 2 Dewatering Rio Tinto’s Marandoo iron ore mine is located within Karijini National Park in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia. Expansion of the mine capacity requires mining below the water table. The project comprised the installation of approx 35km of MSCL pipelines ranging from DN500 to DN1000, 27 Dewatering bores, A 2.5ML collector tank, 2 pump stations and a contingency discharge to allow the water table to be lowered for the mining activities. The extracted water is used to supply the Hamersley Agricultural Project which was developed in conjunction with the dewatering project. The water will also be used to supply the town of Tom Price and for re-injection into an existing borefield. WaterCon was engaged by Ertech to undertake the mechanical works for the project including: Workshop Fabrication of MSCL risers and above ground carbon steel pipework for the bore off take connections and pipeline appurtenances (air valves and scours). Workshop Fabrication of carbon steel pipe spools for the Transfer Pump Station, Booster Pump Stations and the Contingency Discharge. Supply of valves, instrumentation and pipeline components. Site installation of the pipeline appurtenances. Site installation of the pipework, valves and other mechanical works for the Transfer Pump Station and Booster Pump Station. Site installation of the pipework, valves and other mechanical works for the Contingency Discharge. Hydrostatic testing of the pipework. Pipeline Disinfection (Chlorination) of the Tom Price pipeline section. Commissioning activities associated with the works. Site surveys were made and accurate 3D CAD models were created for the pump stations and pipework. This ensured site welding was kept to an absolute minimum and that any potential installation issues were identified prior to commencement of site works. The benefits of this methodology were reduced costs for the site installation works. The pipework fabrication and site installation was undertaken in-house by WaterCon. Pipework sizes ranged from DN100 to DN1000. All fabrication and welding was carried out in accordance with AS4041 Class 2P.
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Waterfall Gully Skid Pump Station

Waterfall Gully Vacuum Sewerage System

SA Water
Upgrade of the Waterfall Gully Sewerage System with an AIRVAC Vacuum Sewerage System.   Detail Mechanical and Electrical design for the upgrade of the vacuum sewerage system along Waterfall Gully Rd in the Adelaide Hills. Detail design of vacuum pump station collection vessel, pipework, electrical works and odour control Workshop fabrication of vacuum collection vessel and pump station skid Detail design and construction of the electrical switchboards and local SCADA system Design and Installation of a vacuum collection pit monitoring system to monitor valve and pit level status. Supply and Installation of new AIRVAC Vacuum Interface valves Commissioning and Testing The sewerage system servicing the properties along the narrow, hilly and winding Waterfall Gully does not fit the usual criteria for vacuum sewerage application of flat, low lying terrain, but the presence of rock and the fact that many of the properties were below the level of the road, precluded the use of a traditional gravity system. While is was an existing vacuum sewerage system, it was not performing, mainly due to the below ground venturi based pump station not meeting the demand. A new above ground pump station designed to AIRVAC standards, using a stainless steel collection vessel, dry claw rotor vacuum pumps and immersible sewerage pumps was constructed on the site of the existing station. A new odour treatment system was also installed as part of the project to treat the exhaust from the vacuum pumps. Most of the vacuum collection pits are within private property, some with limited access, so to improve reliability and location of faults, a hardwired, Dupline telemetry system to monitor vacuum valve status and collection pit level was also installed as part of the project. The valve and pit status and alarms are displayed locally at the pump station and remotely to SA Waters SCADA system. No external power is required to operate the vacuum collection pits or the telemetry system; the AIRVAC vacuum interface valves operate using the vacuum in the collection main and the in-pit telemetry devices are powered via the Dupline bus. This means a safe reliable system, especially when located within private properties.
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Benger Transfer Pump Station

Harvey Water
Design and Construction of a 26ML/day transfer pump station as part of the Harvey Water Irrigation Scheme   Design and Construction of a water transfer pump station for Harvey Water. Harvey Water supplies annually, an average of 70GL of water for irrigation throughout the Harvey district via a network comprising over 430km of pipelines and open channels. The project at Benger involved the design and constructon of a pump station to pump water from the existing irrigation channel fed from Wellington Dam, along an 18km pipeline, built by Harvey Water, to the Harvey Dam. The pump station has a design capacity of 300L/s with 3 pumps operating. The pumps draw water from a dedicated suction dam via floating offtakes. The pump station is integrated into Harvey Water\'s network SCADA system. The design, fabrication, civil and mechanical installation consisted of: Detail design of pipework, structural and concrete works Fabrication of the galvanised steel pipework Supply and installation of the pumpsets, valves and instrumentation Concrete and civil works associated with the pump station Design, construction and installation of the electrical cubicles Site mechanical and electrical installation Commissioning and testing. The suction dam for the pump station was constructed by Harvey Water, and once complete, the construction of the pump station was commenced. Detail design was carried out in-house, allowing fabrication and site works to be carried out in parallel with some elements of the design process. Electrical switchboards were designed and constructed to Water Corporation standards to ensure long term reliability. The pump station was commissioned during July 2009, as is now a critical asset in Harvey Water\'s operations.
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Cape Lambert Service Tank – DN300 MSCL Inlet Main

Water Corporation
Design and Construction of a separate DN300 MSCL inlet main for the Cape Lambert Service Tank. The design, fabrication, civil and mechanical installation consisted of: Design of pipework, structural and concrete works to Water Corporation standards Fabrication of the MSCL pipe specials and structural components Supply and transportation to site of all valves and fittings Site welding, mechanical and civil site works Commissioning The project at Cape Lambert Service Tank, approx 50km East of Karratha, Western Australia, involved the design and installation of a separate DN300 MSCL inlet main to reduce THM\'s (trihalomethanes) through aeration, and to improve water circulation within the tank. Fabrication of the MSCL pipe specials and structural components were completed at our Malaga workshop, and the pipe, valves and fittings were transported the 1700km to site on Watercon\'s 8t crane truck. Installation took place over a 2 week period, and was completed ahead of schedule. The site was fairly constrained, and had limited access. This required carefull planning to ensure the work proceeded smoothly and safely.
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Albany Tree Farm Delivery Control Valve Station

Mako Civll/Water Corporation
Design and Construction of the Delivery Control Valve Station at the Water Corporation\'s Albany Tree Farm. The purpose of the Delivery Control Valve Station is to automatically direct the treated effluent pumped from the Albany WWTP to either of the tree farm\'s two storage dams using 2 electrically actuated butterfly valves. A magnetic flowmeter determines the total volume delivered to each dam. The design, fabrication, mechanical and electrical installation consisted of: Design of pipework, concrete works, electrical and control system. In-house fabrication of the DN400 MSCL pipe specials Supply and installation of double flanged butterfly valves, magnetic flowmeter, air valves and other fittings. Supply and installation of the electrical cubicle and equipment Site welding, mechanical and electrical installation Excavation for buried sections of pipework Commissioning Care had to be taken during site construction works, due to the proximity of overhead High Voltage powerlines. The installation was carried out using Watercon\'s 4mt truck mounted crane, which was also used to transport all the pipework, valves and equipment to site. The two DN400 MSCL interconnecting pipe specials between the above and below ground FRP (Hobas) pipe were installed during an 8 hour shutdown period.
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10 Mile Brook Dam Ultra Violet Steriliser

FluidQuip Australia
Design and Construction of an Ultra Violet Steriliser Package for the Water Corporation\'s 10 Mile Brook Dam in Margaret River Workshop design and construction of an Ultra-Violet Steriliser package for the Water Corporation\'s 10 Mile Brook Dam Water Treatment Plant in Margaret River. A skid mounted package was designed for ease of transport and to minimise the site installation time and costs. The design, fabrication, mechanical and electrical installation comprised: Design of equipment layout, pipe specials, electrical and control system. Fabrication of the DN300 stainless steel pipework, skid frame and pipe supports. Supply and installation of the electrical cubicle and equipment. Workshop assembly of the equipment. Factory Acceptance Testing. Transport to site. The available footprint on-site for the UV system was very limited. The package was modelled in 3D to optimise the layout, while ensuring that all equipment would fit, and that appropriate clearances were maintained for access and maintenance. This design methodology, whereby highly accurate 3D arrangement drawings are produced, results in significantly reduced fabrication and construction time and costs, thus providing a better service to our customers. The UV package was tested at our Malaga workshop and then transported to site using Watercon\'s truck, thus ensuring delivery to site undamaged.
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