Pressure Reducing Valve – Bermad

  • Client
    Water Corporation - Great Southern Region WA
  • Location
    Denmark (WA)
  • Value

Denmark Retic Upgrade

The construction brief was to minimise the periods that the various assets and pipelines would be required to be isolated. The project & scope of works was to be carried out in 5 separate sites within the town of Denmark. One key element to this project was the installing & commissioning of two Bermad pressure reducing valves.

  • Watercon methodology was to carry out initial excavation of the various sites to expose the pipe work sufficiently to locate all pipelines, valves, fittings and appurtenances. This allowed a survey to be undertaken.
  • A 3D CAD model was created from the survey data and the dimensions for the fabrication to be carried out from the free issue pipe work. The alignment and lengths of all pipe specials was checked within the CAD environment and detailed working drawings was created.
  • This allowed for any construction issues to be identified at the design stage, and time for any changes to pipe work or installation. It also allowed for additional items to be procured or fabricated prior to any isolation’s or shutdowns.
  • The pipe work was pre-assembled on-site, leaving the minimum number of field fit joints and connections that will be made under the shutdown.
  • Workshop fabrication of the free issue MSCL carbon steel pipework, all fabrication and welding was carried out in accordance with AS4041 Class 2P
  • Shutdown & isolation’s: the project was carried out using Water Corporation OSH-109 “Isolation and Tagging” procedures
  • Environmental consideration & planning as to not harm the some 100-year old gum trees
  • Traffic management
  • Civil construction including excavation, solider piles, sheet piling, concrete works, road & road-reserve reinstatement
  • Site install of the free issue valves, instrumentation and pipeline components
  • Hydro static testing of the pipework
  • Pipeline disinfection (chlorination)
  • Commissioning activities associated with the works including the set up and commission of the DN250 DN150 (PN35) Bermad  700 series  pressure reducing valve