High Performance (HP) Controller by AIRVAC®

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High Performance (HP) Controller by AIRVAC®


High Performance (HP) Controller by AIRVAC®  features an improvement in materials, design and function.
The HP Controller underwent a 1 million cycle test at the AIRVAC factory in the USA, as well as a year-long field test in an actual operating system.
Based on the results, we are confident that the AIRVAC® HP Controller will outperform any other controller on the market

1. Improved water tolerance/fewer hung valves: The eliminations of dip tubes coupled with larger orifices drastically improves the tolerance for water which in turn reduces the odds of a hung valve.
2. Easier timing adjustment: The needle valve has been replaced by a timing adjustment wheel that makes timing much simpler and more accurate (see photo at bottom right).
3. Fewer parts/improved materials: In addition to having fewer parts, the HP Controller features higher quality materials. Combined, this is expected to result in a longer life expectancy.
4. Shortened rebuild time: Fewer parts and simpler testing procedures results in less time required to rebuild the controller.


The removal of the timer box & the external dip tubes for less  water ingress.

HP Controller








Sensor diaphragm end of the HP showing the magnet, which enables the easier manual firing of the controller.

HP Controller end view, showing the magnetic disc located in the Sensor diaphragm.


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