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Bermad Control Valves

Watercon are pleased to announce we are now an agent for Bermad Water Technologies in Western Australia following the closure of Watering Concepts. We will continue to provide the high level of service and support that Bev Poor has provided to the industry for over 30 years.

Bermad Control Valves are found in just about every industrial, commercial piping application from irrigation to municipal water supply, marine, mining and fire protection systems.

Valve functions include pressure reducing , tank inlet control, pressure relief and sustaining, flow control to name a few.

Watercon have acquired the vast library of technical documentation from Watering Concepts. We have drawings, manuals, configuration and set point information on almost every Bermad valve sold in Western Australia over the past 30 years. All we need is the valve serial number.

Watercon have been designing systems & installing and commissioning Bermad Control Valves for over 20 years. Click on this link for projects that have incorporated Bermad control valves

We can undertake on-site analysis and data logging to determine pipeline hydraulic characteristics to enable correct valve selection for your application.

Some of our more interesting projects have involved designing control valves with multiple functions such as combined pressure sustaining and tank inlet control using an altitude pilot valve, combined pressure reduction and tank inlet control with a float pilot.

Watercon can offer the following products and services for Bermad Control Valves

  • Supply of New Valves and Spare Parts
  • System Investigation and Testing including data logging to determine the hydraulic characteristics of your pipeline or process.
  • Pipe Spooling and Fabrication to AS4041 in Carbon and Stainless Steel and MSCL. We can manufacture a complete valve assembly and fully hydrostatically test before leaving the workshop. The pilot valves can also be preset if required.
  • Valve Installation and Commissioning including conversions and modifications to existing valves.
  • Valve Overhaul and Repair
  • On-Site Fault Finding

Please call the office or click on the info link to get in contact  for sales or support