AIRVAC Vacuum Sewerage Systems

DN80 (2") Airvac Vacuum Interface Valve c/w HP controller with the  quick release key

The Company

AIRVAC Vacuum Sewerage Systems offer a cost-effective, environmentally sound alternative to traditional gravity sewerage systems.

AIRVAC are the world leader in vacuum sewerage system technology for many years. More than 700 systems have been installed worldwide since the early 70’s.

In Australia, over 100 systems using AIRVAC technology are successfully in operation.

The Valve

The heart of the system is the DN80 AIRVAC Vacuum Interface Valve. Proven reliability in Australian conditions based on 30 years of operating experience and continual research and development.


AIRVAC vacuum systems comply fully with the following Australian Standards:

  • AS4310:2004 – DN80 Piston Type Vacuum Interface Valves for Municipal Sewer Systems
  • WSAA Vacuum Sewerage Code of Australia WSA 06-2008