Take a look at Watercon Recent Project

Watercon was engaged to build a mirror image of the current intermittently decanted extended aeration plant (IDEA) at a waste water treatment plant  approximately 50KM East of Perth.

The project is in final stages of commissioning, and will be completed very soon.

Scope of works

  • Earthworks & civil construction of 2 new  9.2m diameter concrete tanks (Reactors, demand aeration tank & intermittent tank) & associated pipework
  • New inlet screen works. including earthworks, civil construction, mechanical & electrical requirements’.
  • Mechanical & electrical installation of the new & old reactors including – Pipework, baffle plates, RAS & WAS pumps, FRP decant arms.
  • Alum dose pumps
  • Soda ash dose pumps
  • Booster pumps for the inlet works & safety shower.
  • 4 off new surface aerators.
  • 4 off Magflows.
  • HDG Steelwork.
  • Process control building, including electrical switchboard HMI & HVAC
  • Commissioning including WWTP biological performance reports.
  • Operations & maintenance manual’s
  • Operator training.


Full post on the above project coming soon or for further details on this and other project please call (08) 9248 1234 or email info@watercon.net.au


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