APA Poly Pit & PE Cleaners Sinks

APA24 PE Pit
APA24 PE Pit
APA24 Pe Pit
PE pits 2.4m
NGRS Cleaners Sink
DN80 Airvac Vacuum Interface Valve AV3
DN80 (2 Inch) Airvac Vacuum Interface Valve

Watercon/Airvac APA poly pit & PE sink assembly. see PDF downloadable product information brochures for full product information.

Bespoke PE sink & sump assembly fabrications to meet your project needs.


Cleaners sink
Cleaners Sink, PE pit c/w Airvac DN50 vacuum interface valve & HP controller.
PE cleaners sink.
PE cleaners sink with stainless steel 316 grate. for the Maddingley Train Extraction System.



APA Poly pit, 4 x 2.4m PE pits pre -installed & commissioned with the DN50 Airvac vacuum interface valve.
DN50 Vacuum Interface Valve
NGRS Cleaners Sink DN50 Airvac vacuum interface valve sump assembly, prior to the shed roof being installed.