VTS Test Bench

Test bench
VTS Test Bench operator handbook
                              Mini vac pump



The Vacuum Technology systems (VTS) service repair test bench by Watercon for the repair service & testing of the Airvac 2” & 3″ vacuum valve the controller (AC) and the high performance controller (HP) along with the service bench training has been a great success all across Australia.

All of the utility company’s across Australia that have procured  the test bench have reported reduced reactive maintenance call outs, & reduced time in workshop service & repair the valves & controllers.

Even if your designated service repair area doest have a readily available vaccum supply then the mini vac pump complete with air reciever is a low cost option to utilise the use of the test bench.

For further information on the above and other VTS products please call Richard Crook on (08) 9248 1234 or 0448 526 281.