AIRVAC & Watercon

AIRVAC & Watercon

AIRVAC Vacuum Sewerage Systems have been operating successfully throughout Australia since 1989.

There are over 7000 Airvac valves in more than 100 individual systems.

AIRVAC Vacuum Sewerage Systems offer cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions for sewage conveyance in markets including Municipal, Commercial, Mining, Rail and Marine sectors

AIRVAC Vacuum Sewage Systems offer unique benefits over other technologies. In many cases they are the only viable option.

Watercon are Australian representative for AIRVAC Vacuum Sewage Systems

The partnership continues to grow from strength to strength. Drawing on AIRVAC’s global presence and experience coupled with Watercon’s design and construction expertise in the water and wastewater industry.

And remember, only Watercon can supply you AIRVAC products and spares in Australia. If you didn’t get it from us, then it’s not genuine AIRVAC!.

Whether you’re looking at a new AIRVAC system, need a system test & tune or want your operators trained in the correct AIRVAC operating and maintenance procedures give Watercon a call and speak to one of our engineers. You can also email us at