AIRVAC is the Sewerage Solution for Acid Sulfate Soil Areas

Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS) and other sulfide containing soils such as MBO’s (Monosulfidic Black Ooze) are a significant problem for developers, engineers and civil contractors in many Australian coastal and some inland areas. Many of these areas were previously deemed ‘too hard’ to develop. The shortage of coastal real estate mean that these areas are now being developed or considered for development.

Dewatering and excavation of these soils will cause exposure to atmospheric oxygen resulting in production of sulfuric acid. Unless properly managed, the now acidic soils with their low pH can mobilise heavy metals within the soils and along with the acid cause wide spread contamination of waterways and aquifers downstream of the construction area. The cleanup and remediation costs can be astonomical and may result in permanent environmental damage.

These sulfide containing soils have existed and remained benign for millions years and they will continue to so as long as they are not disturbed. The best way to manage construction in ASS prone areas is to avoid lowering the water table and minimising the depth and extent of excavations. This means managing the ASS issues at initial concept design though to completion of construction.

Providing sewerage to developments constructed in ASS prone areas using traditional gravity systems can result in massive construction costs due to the deep excavations required and the resultant management of the dewatering effluent and the exposed soils both those excavated, and those remaining in the ground, but exposed as a result of lowering of the water table.

Gravity is not the answer!

AIRVAC Vacuum Sewerage systems are the natural choice in these areas as the major infrastructure pump stations can be constructed above ground and the vacuum collection mains installed at minimum depth, often above the water table thus avoiding disturbing the acid sulfate soils. The reduced excavation requirements will minimise construction time and costs even if you’re not dealing with ASS’s.

Using an AIRVAC Vacuum Sewerage System can significantly reduce your ASS management and construction costs while adding green credentials, improving the triple bottom line of your project.

Watercon can assist your project development by providing a free budget estimate and a preliminary concept layout prepared in AutoCAD format. The included report will detail all the technical aspects relating to the layout including component sizing and capital and annual operational costs.

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